Topic outline

  • Set up a sustainable social enterprise in your youth space

    How can Social Enterprise Academy enhance what you are already doing in your youth space? 

    This workshop, led by a social entrepreneur, introduces social enterprise and how it can benefit young people in communities across Highland.

    Two half-day sessions will be provided to youth spaces with our Facilitator to explore what a social enterprise is,  and to explore the young people's ideas and how we can make it a sustainable business with Young People at the centre driving it to success. Initial funding will be provided for your group to bring your ideas to life and to be able to present to the panel for further financing to take your Enterprise to new heights!

    In addition, a programme has been launched to support the Boards of youth groups and clubs in the Highlands, enabling young people to develop social enterprise activities that could help their ongoing activities. This opportunity, which is available at no cost to qualifying organisations, aims to support Board members with key skills such as setting strategic aims and objectives, a vision for the future, forward planning, and identifying sources of funding or investment to enable enterprising youth work.

    • Why My Future, My Success?

    • Workshop Details:

      Date:Workshop or 2 x Half-Day Sessions in 2023
      Time: 90 mins or 2 x 2 hour sessions 
      Location: At your Youth Group/Club or Hub 
      Facilitator: TBC
      Meeting Details:
      Sessions can be delivered within your Youth Group, club or hub 

      Who is it for?

      This will be open to young people who are part of Youth Groups/Hubs and Clubs across Highland and keen to develop an understanding of social enterprise. 

      Thanks to the Highland Council's support, we can deliver these workshops at no cost. 

      Start-up funding will also be available to youth groups after completing the workshop or the programme.  

      • To sign up for the programme and event, or for more information. Please contact:

        Contact: Jen Lindsay, Project Manager, Highland