Available programme

Social Business Start Up School

Help and support for people in Sutherland, Ross-shire and Uist starting or growing a social business.

Coaching Sessions - Scotland

Receive one to one support from senior leaders

Creative Leadership Sessions

Learn how to think creatively in order to adapt to the situation, adjust to the new normal, and find solutions for the future.

Steps to Sustainability

Enhance the sustainability of your organisation and diversify your heritage organisation’s income

Online Peer Response Groups - South Africa

Join a small group of peers to explore ways of supporting each other in responding to the situation in South Africa

Coaching Sessions - South Africa

Receive one to one support from a coach

Introduction to Social Enterprise

For students of Glyndwr University, begin to understand the values and purpose of social enterprise

Rethinking Income Streams

This programme is fully funded for rural-based social enterprises, businesses and organisations in Wrexham.
Generate income in a rapi…

Leading Remotely

Empower your dispersed team in challenging times

Rebuilding Income Streams

Generating income in a rapidly changing trading environment

Managing Change

Leading your organisation through a period of rapid change

Thriving Rural Futures - Webinar Series

This webinar series will explore ways that social enterprise concepts and approaches can play a role in supporting long-term, community-led …

Enterprising Leadership in the New Reality

This programme is for promoter or performer members of The Touring Network.

Learning Spotlight

Stay connected with your team through a curated collection of learning and development resources.

Next Step Leadership: a programme for experienced CEOs

A programme for experienced CEO’s to enhance their leadership skills

There are no programmes currently planned here