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    Welcome to your Leading Remotely Programme! 

    Leading remotely can be complicated. Keeping teams connected, motivated and productive can be a challenge, but leading remotely also presents opportunities to increase delegation and create self-leading teams.

    This programme is made up of three live sessions, all of which require pre-work activities. We strongly advise that you engage with the materials ahead of each live session so you can participate fully in the group learning.  

    This programme will enable you to build in critical success factors for leading virtual teams whilst creating a motivated and committed team. As part of your learning journey, you will be using this online learning platform to access all your readings, videos and to download materials. You are also encouraged to use this opportunity to post to the forum, ask a question or start a discussion thread. 

  • Leading Remotely Interactive Workbook

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    Here you can share reflections, arrange to contact other members of your group or post useful content. 

    Please note: Please be mindful of the content you post, where possible we encourage you to anonymise any specific references to individuals. Your programme facilitator and the system administrators at the Social Enterprise Academy will have access to this forum and will be able to read your posts. 

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