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  • Learning to Change the World

    Social enterprise is an ethical model of business that combines the best of entrepreneurship with clear and purposeful social aims.

    The Understanding Social Enterprise (USE) CPD workshop, led by a social entrepreneur, provides a great introduction to social enterprise.  Whilst exploring examples, school staff gain an understanding of social enterprise and discover how they can support young people to develop their entrepreneurial and employability skills whilst they set up their own social enterprise. 

    • Why choose this CPD workshop?

      • Workshop Details:

        Date: Thursday 18th November 2021
        Time: 16:00 - 17:30
        Location: Online (Microsoft Teams - Invitation will arrive in a separate email)
        Facilitator: Anne Martin

        Who is it for?

        This will be open to all practitioners working with young people from 3-18 across the Northern Alliance who are keen to develop an understanding of social enterprise, are keen to create IDL opportunities and learn more about the support available to embed a sustainable social enterprise in an education setting. Thanks to the support of the Scottish Government, we are able to deliver this workshop at no cost.

        How to register?

        If you are interested in attending please sign up below, if you are already logged in just click the next purple sign up button, if not you will be asked to log in or create an account.  This will enrol you onto this course and you will automatically be taken back to this page to let you explore the available resources below.  You will also receive a confirmation email to confirm your enrolment. 

        • CPD Materials

          Ahead of your CPD, you will be able to access any programme materials here.  Please feel free to read them at your leisure either before or after the CPD session.

          Social Enterprise Schools Guide

          Discover more about the schools programme

          Download Primary 

          Download Secondary

          The Big Issue: Schools Supplement

          Explore examples of school social enterprises


          Curriculum Links (CfE)

          See how the programme maps to Curriculum for Excellence


          Sector Landscape & Myths

          Learn about the structure of social enterprise


          Skills Developed through Social Enterprise

          Explore the wide variety of skills young people can develop


          • Social Enterprise Schools Programme

            Attendees of our CPD workshop are automatically enrolled onto the Social Enterprise Schools Programme where they can book pupil workshops, access a wide variety of resources and access ongoing support in developing social enterprise in their schools.

            Fabulous programme! The staff who attended all went away positive and enthused, thinking of ways to engage with their students.    Aileen Goodwall

            • For more information:

              Contact: Rachael Forbes, Programme Coordinator, North