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Wide Horizons Youth Leadership and Development Program

Empower young people aged between 15-21to be the changemakers of the future

Coaching Sessions - Scotland

Take time to reflect on your learning, challenges, and aspirations. Receive one to one support from senior leaders.

Liosta-chluiche Sheasmhachd

Prògram ionnsachaidh air-loidhne dha ceannardan gus leigeil leotha
meòrachadh air agus a bhi a’ leasachadh an cuid seasmhachd pea…

Leading Remote Teams Wales

Empowering your dispersed team in challenging times

Leading Change Wales

Leading your organisation through a period of rapid change

Exploring my Leadership

A self-directed programme to help you develop your understanding of what leadership is and explore the kind of leader you want to become.

Rethinking Income Streams Wales

Generate income in a rapidly changing trading environment.

Exploring My Leadership Wales

Take the first step in identifying what kind of leader you want to be

Leading Remotely Australia

your dispersed team in challenging times 

Understanding Governance

One-day programmes to link good governance and compliance with the values of your organisation.

Third Sector Connect Sessions

These half-day programmes aim to help you connect with other third
sector organisations through facilitated peer

Imagining New Futures Together

Dream of change and create a new vision for the future of your place as a tourist destination.

Edinburgh & Lothians Dragons' Den 2022

Open to Primary, Secondary and ASN.

Understanding Social Enterprise CPD - National 25th May

The Understanding Social Enterprise CPD provides an in depth introduction to the Social Enterprise Schools programme.

Exploring My Leadership Australia

Explore the kind of leader you are and
want to become

Wide Horizons

Wide Horizons will help unemployed people move into a job ‘with a purpose’ through team working, social enterprise visits and mentoring.…

There are no programmes currently planned here